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Student's Notice Board

Title/Subject Date
1. NEW Hostel Fees Structure 2024-2025 05-Apr-2024
2. NEW Diploma Courses Fees Structure 2024-2025 05-Apr-2024
3. Annual Day and Convocation Notice (05/04/2024) 26-Mar-2024
4. guidelines for ABC IDs by NCHMCT 08-Jan-2024
5. ABC IDs notice (date extended till 18.01.24) 08-Jan-2024
6. Christmas cake (one pound each) will be Rs. 150/-available for delivery from 12.12.2023 to 22.12.2023. 08-Dec-2023
7. List of B.Sc. H&HA 1st year Students who have not submitted their ABC Ids 17-Nov-2023
8. Office order regarding Christmas Cake 16-Nov-2023
10. 1st Semester students (3-Year B.Sc. H&HA) Academic Session 2023-2024, who have not submitted their assignments, the date of submission of their assignments has been extended till 06.11.2023 with a late fine of Rs. 200/- per assignment. 01-Nov-2023
11. Notice regarding Mr Sanket Chugh, General Manager, Taj Theog will be visiting IHM, Shimla on 27th October 2023, at 10:00 AM 26-Oct-2023
12. General Advisory: All staff, students and alumni of IHM Shimla, please be respectful in your social media posts and comments. Also please do not tag or defame the Institute by posting any material against any religion, caste or creed. 26-Oct-2023
13. Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad 12-Oct-2023
14. Fee Notice 11-May-2022
15. Hostel Notice for 2nd Sem. Students 05-Apr-2022
16. Urgent Notice for 4th Sem. students 30-Mar-2022
17. 6th Sem. (Regular and Re-appear Students) B.Sc.H&HA TEE Datesheet for 2021-2022 30-Mar-2022
18. 4th Sem. (Non. IT Batch) Revised Regular TE Practical Exam Datesheet of 3 Year B.Sc.H&HA 2021-2022 30-Mar-2022
19. 4th Sem. (Non. IT Batch) Revised Reappear TE Practical Exam Datesheet of 3 Year B.Sc.H&HA 2021-2022 30-Mar-2022
20. Notice for 6th Sem. TEE for Compulsory Online Mock Test 2021-2022 28-Mar-2022
21. Notice Regarding 1st Sem. B.Sc. H&HA Regular & Reappear Students Result 2021-2022 11-Mar-2022
22. Notice Regarding Extra Practical Classes for 11th March 2022 10-Mar-2022
23. Notice regarding extra practical classes on Saturdays and Sundays 04-Mar-2022
24. Notice regarding Supplementary exams of Semester V of B.Sc. Course 2021-22 (Datesheet and Exam form enclosed with above Notice) 24-Feb-2022
25. 4th & 6th Sem. Hostel allotment List 2021-2022 09-Feb-2022
26. 2nd Sem. Reappear Exam Form Notice 07-Feb-2022
27. Notice for DFBS and DFP reappear exam forms 02-Feb-2022
28. Notice for 4th and 6th Sem reappear exam forms 02-Feb-2022
29. Mock Test Notice 02-Feb-2022
30. Fee Notice for 2nd Sem. M.Sc.HA 2021-2022 01-Feb-2022
31. Fee Notice for 2nd Term DFP and DFBS 2021-2022 01-Feb-2022
32. Fee Notice for 2nd Sem. B.Sc. H&HA 2021-2022 01-Feb-2022
33. Hostel Notice for 4th and 6th Sem students of B.Sc.H&HA 01-Feb-2022
34. Notice regarding offline/in campus classes for 2nd, 4th & 6th Sem of B.Sc. H&HA and DFP & DFBS Students 01-Feb-2022
35. Notice for compulsory online mock test on 02nd Feb 2022 27-Jan-2022
36. Important Notice regarding THIMS IDs for M.Sc. HA, DFP & DFBS 2021-2022 students 06-Jan-2022
37. Notice- List of students who are not applicable to appear in the NCHMCT/IGNOU Exam 29-Dec-2021
38. THIMS Login User Guide 24-Dec-2021
39. Important Notice regarding THIMS IDs for 1st Sem. B.Sc. H&HA 2021-2022 students 24-Dec-2021
40. Fee Notice for M.Sc. HA (2021-2022) 1st Sem. Students 17-Dec-2021
41. Notice regarding winter vacations for M.Sc. HA, B.Sc. H&HA Sem. 4th & 6th and Diploma courses (DFP & DFBS) 17-Dec-2021
42. Revised IT weeks for DFP & DFBS academic session 2020-21 17-Dec-2021
43. Fee Notice for 4th Sem. B.Sc.H&HA 2021-2022 students 17-Dec-2021
44. Fee Notice for 6th Sem. B.Sc.H&HA 2021-2022 students 16-Dec-2021
45. Notice regarding Hostel fees payment for M.Sc. Hostelers 02-Dec-2021
46. Fee Notice for 1st Semester Students 23-Nov-2021
47. Notice for candidates who have applied for direct admission for 3 years B.Sc. H&HA 2021-22 17-Nov-2021
48. Revised procedure for students to file online Anti Ragging Affidavit. 12-Nov-2021
49. Hostel Fee Structure for 1st Year of B.Sc.H&HA 2021-2022 12-Nov-2021
50. Step by Step Guide On How To Fill An Online Anti Ragging Undertaking 12-Nov-2021
51. Notice for 1st Year B.Sc. H&HA 2021-2022 students regarding bringing original documents for verification-Nov 2021 11-Nov-2021
52. Notice for hostel students of 1st year B.Sc. H&HA 2021-2022 11-Nov-2021
53. Notice for 2nd online mock test 3rd and 5th Sem. (Regular and Re-appear) who were unable to login in first mock test on 2nd Nov 2021 10-Nov-2021
54. Notice regarding Hostel Fee and Hostel Allotment list for 1st Year of 3 year B.Sc.H&HA 2021-2022 09-Nov-2021
55. Notice regarding non updation of student data by B.Sc. H&HA 3rd and 5th Sem students- 2021 02-Nov-2021
56. Notice regarding non deposit of fee by B.Sc. H&HA 5th Sem Students-2021 02-Nov-2021
57. Notice for Online Mock Test for 3rd and 5th Sem. B.Sc. H&HA 01-Nov-2021
58. Fee Notice for B.Sc. H&HA 1st Sem. Students 01-Nov-2021
59. Notice regarding hostel allocation for the students of M.Sc. HA course- 2021-2022 01-Nov-2021
60. 1st Sem. reappear exam notice with exam form 2021 26-Oct-2021
61. List of selected candidates 2021-2022 26-Oct-2021
62. Mock test notice for 3rd and 5th and invigilation duties 2021 26-Oct-2021
63. Fee notice for B.Sc. H&HA 3rd and 5th Sem. students 26-Oct-2021
64. Notice for online reporting with format of undertaking 26-Oct-2021
65. Admission Notice for 1st year of 3 year B.Sc. H&HA 2021-2022 (Revised Date) 26-Oct-2021
66. Anti-Ragging Regulations 24-Oct-2021
67. Medical Certificate Format 23-Oct-2021
68. Format of Anti-Ragging Affidavit 23-Oct-2021
69. Format of Hostel Affidavit 23-Oct-2021
70. THIMS Information Sheet 22-Oct-2021
72. Office order regarding ONLINE INDUCTION of students for students of B.Sc. H&HA 1st Semester 13-Oct-2021
74. Fee Notice for 1st Sem B.Sc. H&HA Students 12-Oct-2021
75. Notice for students of B.Sc. H&HA and M.Sc. HA regarding Theory Exam Pattern 12-Oct-2021
76. Short Term Hostel Fee Structure for 1st Year B.Sc. H&HA 2021-2022 12-Oct-2021
77. Notice for 1st Semester of 3-year B.Sc. H&HA students- 2021-2022 (JEE 2021) 05-Oct-2021
78. Notice regarding tentative date for commencement of offline classes for M.Sc. HA, DFBS & DFP Courses- 2021-2022 05-Oct-2021
79. Notice regarding extending last date for depositing the 3rd & 5th Sem Fees 04-Oct-2021
80. Notice regarding 3rd and 4th Sem Reappear Result 2020-2021 22-Sep-2021
81. Notice regarding 5th Semester reappear (Supplementary/Special Exam) of 3 year B.Sc. H&HA 2020-2021 16-Sep-2021
82. Notice regarding 6th Sem. Regular students re-examination who missed the TEE (Regular & Reappear) 2020-2021 08-Sep-2021
83. Hostel Fee Notice for 2nd Year Non- IT Batch 07-Sep-2021
84. Notice regarding declaration of result of DFP/DFBS regular and 2nd Semester reappear B.Sc. 2020-2021 06-Sep-2021
85. Notice regarding extending last date for depositing the 5th Sem Fees 01-Sep-2021